How To Install Artcut 2009 USB Driver

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How To Install Artcut 2009 USB Driver

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Installation of Artcut for ASC Cutting Plotter

This information is used for Windows users to deploy Artcut for ASC cutting plotter. Users have to follow
the steps to install the software, Artcut consist of two WENTAI CD, and the Artcut software CD need to be
insert to your PC first, After installation of the first CD, a different CD is needed for the rest
installation. Before putting in Artcut, if the user makes use of a USB line to link the plotter, the USB driver for
cutting plotter needs to have been installed.
1. Insert Artcut software CD, and then open the dick to run the program.
artcut 2009 1.JPG
artcut 2009 1.JPG (29.29 KiB) Viewed 867 times
Second Click On:
artcut 2009 usb.JPG
artcut 2009 usb.JPG (60.4 KiB) Viewed 867 times
3rd you should click on:
artcut 2009 free download.JPG
artcut 2009 free download.JPG (14.62 KiB) Viewed 867 times
3. After installation, A logo comes on the desktop, and then, double click the Artcut2009, at the
first time running the software, it will ask the user to insert the other disk to the DVD –ROM to
continue. Then follow the steps by clicking NEXT.

4th you should click on:

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