What are some resources for getting started in operating system development? [closed]

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What are some resources for getting started in operating system development? [closed]

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One thing I've always wanted to do is develop my very own operating system (not necessarily fancy like Linux or Windows, but better than a simple boot loader which I've already done).

I'm having a hard time finding resources/guides that take you past writing a simple "Hello World" OS.

I know lots of people will probably recommend I look at Linux or BSD; but the code base for systems like that is (presumably) so big that I wouldn't know where to start.

Any suggestions?

Update: To make it easier for people who land on this post through Google here are some OS development resources:

Writing Your Own Operating System (Thanks Adam)

Linux From Scratch (Thanks John)

SharpOS (C# Operating System) (Thanks lomaxx)

Minix3 and Minix2 (Thanks Mike)

OS Dev Wiki and Forums (Thanks Steve)

BonaFide (Thanks Steve)

Bran (Thanks Steve)

Roll your own toy UNIX-clone OS (Thanks Steve)

Broken Thorn OS Development Series

Other resources:

I found a nice resource named MikeOS, "MikeOS is a learning tool to demonstrate how simple OSes work. It uses 16-bit real mode for BIOS access, so that it doesn't need complex drivers"

Updated 11/14/08

I found some resources at Freebyte's Guide to...Free and non-free Operating Systems that links to kits such as OSKit and ExOS library. These seem super useful in getting started in OS development.

Updated 2/23/09

Ric Tokyo recommended nanoos in this question. Nanoos is an OS written in C++.

Updated 3/9/09

Dinah provided some useful Stack Overflow discussion of aspiring OS developers: Roadblocks in creating a custom operating system discusses what pitfalls you might encounter while developing an OS and OS Development is a more general discussion.

Updated 7/9/09

LB provided a link to the Pintos Project, an education OS designed for students learning OS development.

Updated 7/27/09 (Still going strong!)

I stumbled upon an online OS course from Berkley featuring 23 lectures.

TomOS is a fork of MikeOS that includes a little memory manager and mouse support. As MikeOS, it is designed to be an educational project. It is written in NASM assembler.

Updated 8/4/09

I found the slides and other materials to go along with the online Berkeley lectures listed above.

Updated 8/23/09

All questions tagged osdev on stackoverflow

OS/161 is an academic OS written in c that runs on a simulated hardware. This OS is similar in Nachos. Thanks Novelocrat!

tangurena recommends http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MicroC/OS-II, an OS designed for embedded systems. There is a companion book as well.

Linux Kernel Development by Robert Love is suggested by Anders. It is a "widely acclaimed insider's look at the Linux kernel."

Updated 9/18/2009

Thanks Tim S. Van Haren for telling us about Cosmos, an OS written entirely in c#.

tgiphil tells us about Managed Operating System Alliance (MOSA) Framework, "a set of tools, specifications and source code to foster development of managed operating systems based on the Common Intermediate Language."

Update 9/24/2009

Steve found a couple resources for development on windows using Visual Studio, check out BrokenThorn's guide setup with VS 2005 or OSDev's VS Section.

Updated 9/5/2012

kerneltrap.org is no longer available. The linux kernel v0.01 is available from kernel.org

Updated 12/21/2012 A basic OS development tutorial designed to be a semester's project. It guides you through to build an OS with basic components. Very good start for beginners. Related paper. Thanks Srujan!

Updated 11/15/2013

Writing a Simple Operating System From Scratch. Thanks, James Moore!

Updated 12/8/2013

How to make a computer operating system Thanks ddtoni!

Updated 3/18/2014

ToAruOS an OS built mostly from scratch, including GUI

Updated Sept 12 2016

Writing your own Toy Operating System

Updated Dec 10 2016

Writing a Simple Operating System —from Scratch (thank you @Tyler C)
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